Why do people think that long term climate change is the main culprit of the random weather patterns of today?



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    People do not believe that long term climate change is responsible, long term climate change occurs naturally over time and while it can contribute to odd weather, it is usually more predicatble (ex: ice ages). People believe todays random weather is being caused by climate from high levels of CO2 emissions (ever since the industrial revolution really, humans have polluted exponentially more CO2 than they had before). This is more of a spike climate change than a long term drawn out effect. The reason we atrribute this to random weather patterns is because storms and weather patterns such as the ones we are seeing today have never been seen before in recorded history. People who do not believe in this argument will counter by sayiing that while the two things do coincide time-wise, correlation does not prove causation (which is true, alhtough I do not know if it is enouogh of an argument to refute climate change / global warming)

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