Why do people still use hand sanitizers when it only makes the bacteria that live immune to our medicine?

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    Like many things, hand sanitizer provides piece of mind. Many people like to think that it is killing all of the germs on their hands when they and their kids use it. Many people also may not be aware of the dangers that it presents. Hand sanitizer is just starting to show up everywhere you go, so that may explain why most people are unaware that it isn’t as good as it seems. That is my take on the situation.

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    I completely agree with the previous statement.  I also feel, however, that it is a marketing scheme.  Hand sanitizer makes BIG bucks (in case you lived under a rock and missed that) and keeping people fearful of disease feeds this money monster.  There are many pharmaceuticals and personal care products that do not serve any true positive purpose, but as long as you keep people believing they need them, that’s all that matters.  All of the viral and bacterial scares that are sensationalized in the media spark fear in people who may be ignorant to that fact that washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is 100% as effective as hand sanitizers, but doesn’t kill your natural bacteria. 

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    I agree with the above posts.  The hand sanitizer craze is mostly due to the spread of germaphobia throughout society.  We constantly hear about new viruses and harmful flus — people are just afraid and want an easy way to protect themselves.  Most don’t think about the long term consequences of using alcohol based hand sanitizers, they just want a quick fix to their problem, and they want to ease their worries. 

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    I agree with the posts above, but just to play devil’s advocate check out the links below.

    According to a recent article:

    “Most of the studies say they are very, very effective,’ Rose said. ‘They’re generally very effective in killing off the strains that we’re concerned about.’


    That includes H1N1 — that is, if you have the right kind of sanitizer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said people should look on the back label and pay attention to the percentage of alcohol it contains.


    Rose said anything that contains 60 to 90 percent alcohol is considered effective.”

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      I have read in a popular science magazine that the bacteria that live are so deadly that if you get them there is a chance of ~0 to survive because none of our known medicine can affect it. Also what about the magnitude at which they increase their population it’s a little frightning.

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    Hand sanitizer is also very convenient – to carry in your purse, for example, if you are away from home. Immediate convenience is often more relevant than potential side effects. There is also something very soothing about the motions of massaging your hands, since many of your nerve endings are in your hands. This may be part of the appeal. 

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    Hand sanitizers are often scented, so in addition to having clean hands you get nice smelling hands. Just another reason to use them.

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    I prefer to just wash my hands. I find that sanitizers can feel gooey and attracts more lint, dirt especially if you hands are physically dirty. I always wash my hands with soap before eating and after using the bathroom. Sanitizer is something I’d use as a last resort.

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