Why do people spend so long in the shower?



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    Sometimes there is nothing better than a nice, long hot shower (or a cold one).  But people spend too much time in the shower on a daily basis due to their ignorance to the fact that water is a increasingly scarce commodity.  In America and other developed nations, people just don’t give too much of a thought about how precious every drop of water is around the world.

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    People spend a lot of time in the shower in part because, like mentioned above, its enjoyable. Also, people rarely see the direct costs of taking long showers, as in the hot water bill. If you are on a tight budget, taking short showers can help you save several dollars every month. People rarely pay attention to these costs, and sometime they are not directly responsible for them (e.g students in dorms, renters whose landlords pay utilies). 

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    American culture has an obsession with cleanliness, sterility and hygiene that’s disproportionate to realistic goals of well-being.  Food that has the slightest imperfection gets tossed from supermarket shelves.  This stems from an overabundance of resources that creates the psychological illusion that food, water, heat, automotive fuel and everything we use is infinite, and will always be available in infinite supply.  Until there’s a discernible shortage or an adverse environmental impact that’s visible in our backyard, there’s a low likelihood that the average consumer operates with awareness of where their resources come from.  Excessive showering is a perfect example.  A cultural shift can be accomplished through education, and through websites such as this one that spread awareness of the impact one’s lifestyle has on the environment.

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