Why do people say they are green when they are only recycling or they have changed a few lightbulbs? There is more to it.



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    There is more to being green than recycling and changing to energy efficient light bulbs. For some people this may be all they know about being green because these are issues that are constantly brought up. Other people may be limited by a lack of financial resources to do more, purchasing organic foods, large energy efficient appliances, or a hybrid vehicle may be out of their budget. There are cheap changes such as walking or riding a bike, using public transportation, waiting until your dishwasher or washing machine is full to run it, hang drying clothes, reusing products, and many more, but again not everyone may know about them.

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    Great question! I agree with your question/statement 100%. Being “green” has become trendy and popular. Which is great, but the common person who claims to being green just does a small task to claim that title. Now the small things are important and they accumulate to benefit the overall cause, but to honestly be green, you need to sit down and set guidelines and goals that you will stick to. Even though these tasks might be inconvient and an obligation, one should know that they are truely aiding the cause.

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    While there are bigger and better ways to be environmentally friendly than just recycle or change to CFLs, people may be unaware of other small changes they could make in their daily life to help the environment.  Change usually starts out small anyway.  Consider someone who is looking to redo their entire house to be greener.  They would probably start with the easy methods, then save up to buy solar panels, a hybrid car, aerated faucets and shower heads, and new windows.  Change, no matter how small, always helps.  Think if every household recycled or changed their light bulbs – collectively that would be a massive amount of energy saved!  Don’t be so quick to judge when people are trying to make a change for the better – no matter how insignifcant that change may seem.

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    Personally, I find this question tricky to answer because there really is no definition of what is considered to be green.  There aren’t levels, standards, or some sort of ranking system.  As long as people are doing what they can to help out the environment then I think it is fine if they want to consider themselves green.  I know that in my life there are times when I do more to better the environment, and there are times when I am not able to do as much.  Does this make me any less green? I really do not think so.

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    To me it’s a lack of education about what they can do to be green in combination with some fairly inherant (but quite surmountable!) l laziness. One also has to keep in mind that while green can be a good thing, it isn’t always the most efficient or cost effective thing. Perhaps the best way to help people only doing minor and small things that are green is suggest to them other ways they can be green. Try not to suggest major changes though, people tend to be adverse to change and if they get overwhelmed often end up not changing anything at all.


    Education is perhaps the best way to solve this problem, as it is to solve many other green problems.

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