Why do people say there is no evidence to support global warming, there is right?



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    Ever since climate scientists first began to realize that human activities are having negative effects on the climate, the industries implicated in causing global warming have fought hard to convince the public that there is no evidence for global warming. These coal, oil, and other industries are well funded, and still have many supporters in Congress who have received enormous campaign contributions from them. A good example is Senator James Inhofe, who has been an outspoken global warming denier and takes thousands of dollars from the oil, gas, and utility industries. The fact is that the overwhelming consensus among climate scientists is that global warming real, and is affecting our planet even more quickly than we previously realized. Yet deniers like Inhofe attempt to confuse the public by publicizing lists of climate “experts” who supposedly do not believe global warming is real. Inhofe has repeatedly claimed to have a list of 400 such experts, but rigorous inquiries into the list have shown that a large percentage of the people on it are not climate scientists at all. Because there is so much misinformation out there, it’s important to make sure that you rely on reputable sources for information about global warming, such as university scientists from reputable institutions, who have not received significant funding from the fossil fuel industries. One of the best resources out there is the Union of Concerned Scientists (linked below). As long as there are people in this country who make millions of dollars off the coal and oil industries that are the main cause of global warming, there will probably be well-funded global warming deniers. However, the science is clear: global warming is real, and the danger is imminent.

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    To add on to nickengelfried’s answer, the problem is exacerbated by some popular sources exaggerating certain facts, like projected time lengths.  For example, in Inconvenient Truth, the projected time span of some negative effects of global warming were exaggerated, which attracted negative attention.  People have criticized exaggerations like this as “scare tactics” and used it to undermine the overarching ideas.

    There were also mistakes in the original theory of global warming; scientists failed to factor in clouds.  People that are not scientists and do not want to believe in global warming often latch onto this as proof that global warming is not as serious as first projected.

    That doesn’t change the fact that global warming is, in fact, real.

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