Why do people remove the voice box in their dogs?



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    The surgery, commonly known as ‘debarking,’ is usually performed simply to quiet a noisy dog. Some defend the practice as the only way to avoid noise complaints and possible eviction, but most veterinarians and animal rights activists believe it to be an inhumane action that deprives the animal of its primary means of communication. Some veterinarians have banned the surgery and it continues to decline in popularity.

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    Debarking (sometimes called Bark Softening) is a last resort procedure to quiet a habitually noisy dog who is unresponsive to other training methods. The surgery involves cutting, pinching, or otherwise manipulating a dog’s vocal chords to lower the volume of it’s bark. Debarking does not usually completely remove a dog’s voice, and the dog is perfectly capable of barking as well as other vocal sounds if the surgery is performed correctly.

    The surgery is hotly debated. Advocated maintain that it is necessary to ensure a dog’s quality of life and that the procedure is only carried out by professionals on pets who’s barking behavior has proven resistant to any other alternative and made them a “nusiance, not merely and inconvenience.”

    Some maintain that the surgery is cruel and unnecessary. Debarking addresses the behavior, the symptom. Not the problem that causes it. This is more for the case in which the dog barks due to past abuse or behavioral issue. They object on the grounds of morality, as they do not see debarking as a health-related surgery and that a dog cannot consent to it.

    Sometimes, you cannot train a dog to not bark constantly, and their bark can be heard for miles. This is because some dog breeds are naturally predisposed to this, like Shelties, which means constant barking is part of normal healthy behavior. Owners thinking of buying a dog however, should have enough foresight to look into the behaviors of the breed to see if any behaviors could conflict with their abilities as an owner.

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    so they cant bark! 🙂

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