Why do people release a “best and worst” travel destinations list, aren’t all places equally as awesome to visit since they are somewhere new and all have amazing things you can learn from them?



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    Well some places are dangerous and everything you do could put your life at jeopardy. These places are definitely less desirable to go to than a safer place regardless of how you rate an awesome place (beaches, weather, nightlife, indigenous animals ect….).

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    A lot of the travel industry is about promoting travel materialism. In the end, often the most memorable part of travel is the local people you meet and the experience you have with them. This is pretty independent of where you go, the weather, and how much you spend on lodging, meals and entertainment.

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    All of those lists are subjective – the “best place” to go depends on what each specific person is looking for in a destination.  I like to take camping trips so an ideal location for me is out in the wilderness somewhere; other people would prefer a more urban vacation.  What travel lists do is give people an idea of what they can expect to find in the destination so they’ll know before hand if it has what they want, or if it has anything that will prevent them from going.

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