Why do people pretend to be green, it doesn’t mean anything unless you actually are?



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    this is actually a good thing. It is because being green is becoming fashionable and popular. Even though some people don’t walk the walk, talking the talk is better than nothing. try not to be to hard on these people, just try to convince them that it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t back it up. thanks for being one of the active ones.

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    I don’t really think anyone “pretends” to be green. There are people who are more and less committed to the cause. There are people who don’t put much effort into it — maybe they recycle occasionally but don’t take other steps to reduce their impact on the environment. I think every little bit counts, and I think it’s unfair to try to hold people to a rigid standard. It might be that people aren’t fully aware of all the little things they can do to be more green, or the impact of every day activities which generate waste, pollute, etc. There’s also a convincing argument that being green is a choice only people with relative financial stability can afford to do, so there might be people who would do more if they could afford to, but can’t. I think it’s important not to judge too harshly and instead use their willingness to talk about being green to try to gain a foothold. Maybe with time they’ll become more committed to green causes.

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    I would agree that some people say they are “green” because, unfortunately being “green” has become trendy. The green movement has taken off, and is in the public eye more that it has ever been. Which I think is great, due to that many people are professionally getting involved in the green industry. Yet some people would like to consider themselves green, to look as though they really do care about the cause, but in reality are just moving through a few actions to look involved.

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    People are all about making impressions. If something is popular, people will flock to it; the green movement is no exception. People want others to see them as doing something important, and most people just want to get noticed and have the recognition. I’d say that it’s very likely that most owners of a Prius only purchased it for the image the car represents. I really doubt that most of the owners of a hybrid bought one because they wanted to produce fewer emissions and conserve oil; most likely, they wanted to save money and look like they care about the environment, but how many of them actually unplug electronics when not in use, or buy organically, or etc. I think they pretend to be green, hoping that if people see the superficial greenness, that others will assume that this person isn’t selfish, when really they are

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    I think that being green has somehow become the cool thing to do, possibly because a lot of celebrities got involved in the movement.  With that being said, I would much rather have people make small efforts and then claim that they are eco-friendly, than have people who make no effort at all.

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