Why do people often get bullied or ridiculed for their interest in reptiles and snakes?

I am interested in snakes but I don’t find a lot of people who are really interested in it besides one of the people my sister knows. If anyone has heard of Anita Finch and heard her story, that is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.



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    Snakes are feared for just such a reason.  The animals are not domesticated, and can react violently, when a situation presents itself.  Some snakes will only put up with humans until they grow up to a certain size, only to want to usurp their master.  They’re not meant to be pets, but the creatures are generally found aesthetically pleasing to some, so they are made pets anyway.  It’s a lifestyle, just like having a certain breed of dog: except dogs aren’t poisonous, and treacherous.  The cite is the story of Anita Finch for others who might be interested.Alice Cooper and Snake

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    It is true, a lot of people are xenophobic towards snakes. They are feared, they’re role in the environment is misunderstood and they are generally foreign to the habitats we as humans occupy.

    This link is a great look into the fear some people have of snakes: http://www.livescience.com/animals/080305-snakes-fear.html

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    Because bullies are mean and have low self-esteem. Steve Irwin, bless his soul, made a great living off of his love for reptiles. Don’t let a pack of fools convince you that your interests aren’t valid.

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