Why do people not like natural gas?



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    Natural gas is marketed as a cleaner alternative to coal and other fossil fuels. Many people are still concerned with the impact of natural gas extraction which still requires drilling and transport. Every phase of this process has a negative impact on the environment. If we invest our time and energy only in finding new sources of fuel, rather than in reducing our need for fuel, there is no sustainable source.

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    Natural gas, although one of the cleanest fossil fuels to burn, still suffers from the fact that it is a fuel with finite supply. This leads to a problem of high costs due to the law of supply and demand- which is why gas bills can be so high in the winter months when many people rely on this fuel to heat their residences. In addition, supply in North America in particular is limited, and we need to look to import a sufficient supply. On the other hand, renewable energy is more favorable thanks to its infinite supply and widespread availability.

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