why do people not belive in global warming .



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    There are a number of reasons people do not believe in climate change, the most prevalent being that it is not a man-man phenomenon.  Any fluctuations or irregularities in global weather patterns is simply a product of the earth’s natural cycles of climate shifts, and human activity is an insignificant contributor to such cycles. Furthermore, unreliable computer models and the recent “climategate” e-mail scandal have cast further doubt into the minds of skeptics.

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    I think it’s mostly people in denial about the impact humans have on the planet. The people who dispute global warming are people who claim that the atmosphere’s temperature has been increasing and decreasing steadily, in cycles, for billions of years. While it is true that weather will always be in flux, we cannot deny that the massive emounts of carbon dioxide being emitted into the air, can’t possibly NOT have an effect… everything is okay in moderation, but humanity doesn’t know moderation.

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    I strongly agree with the above answer. People are obviously in denial about the impact humans have had on the earth and how the anthropogenic uses of our land have actually deminished our forests, agriculture and other natural areas. The fact that we want to use geoengineering and other alternatives, while still trying to live the lives we are living shows that we accept the idea that our earth is worsening, but we do not believe we are the problem to it. There is much evidence to show that human impacts have contributed to global warming, and we should observe that evidence so maybe people will begin to realize we need to sustain our planet.

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    People may tend not to believe in the impact we have on climate change because the counterarguments are equally represented in many forms of journalism, though the evidence for each argument is not equal and is strongly in favor of the existence of human-affected global warming.  This is called “balanced reporting.”

    In a report by professors at the University of California concluded that the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post contributed to “informationally biased coverage of global warming.”  Giving readers a sense that the reality of global warming by human influence is still up in the air, when in fact the concept has been proven by an overwhelming majority.

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    I don’t think people want to change their behaviors. If global climate change doesn’t exist, then we can keep doing whatever we want, the same way we’ve always done it. This is denial. 

    If we all acknowledge that climate change is real, then we are obligated to do something about it.

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