Why do people litter so much?


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    Some of the reasons people litter include laziness, lack of consequences, seeing litter already accumulated or not finding a trash bin. Only about 60% of littering is intentional, many people do so accidentally.

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    Also in the past there has been a lack of education and awareness about littering.  In fact, littering was not a punishable offense in the United States until recent years.  The trends towards a healthier environment and resource preservation is helps to counteract littering.

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    Littering is one activity that generally goes along with a lot of other counterproductive activities that people who are described as “lazy”, “indifferent”, or “not caring” generally do. It comes down to a generally pesimistic perspective of life. I think, people either don’t see why having the world clean is a good thing (believe the world and future generations are pointless), or cannot see the value in anything that doesn’t benefit themselves (selfishness).

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    Littering is one of the easiest forms of laziness.  People do not have to make any effort in order to litter.  Another reason is that in many parts of the world such as India it is an accepted form of behavior.  People are brought up thinking that littering is very acceptable and there is no focus on educating them about the effects of littering.

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    I tend to agree.  It is a lazy act that is part of a lazy mentallity.  Moreover, many people who litter have a sense of superiority over the environment and believe that they own and control it, and can do with it whatever they please. I agree as well that this attitude is changing, and more people are stilling to see the environment as not something to own, but something to live in harmony with.

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    It’s pure laziness.  People don’t recycle because it involves more thought than just throwing it on the ground.  It’s really sad, and in a way, pathetic.  All that we can really do is enforce policies and make it as easy as possible to do — but unfortunately, lack of effort is a driving force in many people’s actions.

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    I think it is not just being lazy. I believe that it is because it does not effect them directly. They do not see the effects of their actions. For instance, many more kids litter than adults because they can not understand their effects on the environment. Adults that litter do not understand their influence on the environment and their responsibility to protect it. 

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    In America, I think it has to do with how highly we value personal hygeine.  We like to keep ourselves clean, and holding a used wrapper or bottle doesn’t really fit with that.

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    It’s appalling how much people littler.  Most just are completely apathetic about what they are doing.  Others don’t know or choose to ignore the detrimental effects of their actions.  Some see so much litter around them that they assume one more pop can can’t hurt. 

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    I think this website is funny. It talks about littering.

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