Why do people leave the water on when they brush their teeth?



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    Force of habit! If no one reminds you that brushing your teeth with the faucet running is an enormous (and easily rectified) waste of water, then you are likely to keep doing it. My dad used to do this all the time, so my mom put a little sign by his sink telling him how many gallons of water he was wasting per brush!

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    Ignorance.  People who leave their water on when they brush their teeth have not been exposed to the droughts and places where clean water is considered sacred.  People are not necessarily aware of the magnitude of difference their little action of turning the water off makes in the world.  As long as they have running water in their house, people usually don’t care too much about how scarce water can be in other parts of the world.

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    A lack of mindfulness.  A clear head will allow you to see that you are running the water for no reason.  Most of the time, you’re thinking about something else when you’re brushing your teeth, rather than what you are actually doing.

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    A lot of people are just lazy. I am sure that almost everyone has been told to turn the water off while brushing your teeth, but laziness and lack of thought leads them to forget this.  It is actually kind of scary to think that a lot of people can not manage to do this simply task when the entire planet is facing destruction.

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    Because they were not taught this as a child.

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    I really would have to say that it is a force of habit. When people are young, they start doing it because it makes it easier for them. They turn the faucet on, and they do not have to turn it off when they are done. They might also not like the toothpaste dripping down if they have to spit it out in the middle. They also might not have been taught the consequences of their actions before.

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