why do people keep cutting tree, yet the know how it damages the environment?



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    One of the main causes of wide spread tree cutting, deforestation, is agriculture. 48% of deforestation comes from subsistance farming followed by commercial farming at 32%, logging at 14% and fuel wood removal at 5%. 

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    People do not cut down forests just because they like to do it.  As a country and a world we need the materials from trees as well as the space they occupy.  As the population nears 7 billion, space becomes a luxury, as do food and resources.  Jmendez is correct with the statistics and reasons, but on a larger scale, its much like our dependence on oil.  Until we can come up with more sustainable alternatives, the forests and trees will continue to be victims in our expansion. 

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    There are many reasons why humans continue to cut down forests even though it’s bad for the environment. Two of those reasons are money and agriculture. Logging provides a profit for people to support their families, as well as agriculture. Farmers will cut down forests to make room for their crops to grow and make a profit. At the current rate that forests are being destroyed, there could be nothing left in about 100 years. 

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