Why do people have such a hard time transitioning to being vegetarian?



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    Some people really enjoy the flavor of meat. They might also have traditions involving meat (Thanksgiving turkey) and meat may be a comfort food for them. Also, if they do not believe in a good reason to be vegetarian, they won’t be motivated to be one.

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    To add to the above answer, becoming a vegetarian takes effort and committment. Becoming a vegetarian is not easy to accomplish if you can’t get motivated to find new foods to eat and to stop depending on convient fast food establishments.

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    There are a lot of different reasons, just as there are a lot of different reasons people become vegetarian. One reason may simply be that they are not devoted enough to the cause that motivated them to become a vegetarian. Another may be a lack of education on how to be a healthy or satisfied vegetarian (feeling exhausted all the time or eating the same food every day would make anyone quit). Some foods may have an emotional and cultural importance to them. Peer pressure may make them feel uncomfortable. They may be too lazy too cook. They may also intellectually feel they should be vegetarian, but emotionally they are not ready for it.

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