Why do people hate cockroaches so much?



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    Some species are considered pests because they encroach upon houses, they feed on human and pet food and leave behind bad odors. Further, their droppings or body parts can cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma symptoms and they can transport potentially harmful microbes to humans.

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    Maybe because they are ugly and not cute in appearance. People tend to love cute, harmless looking animals, even though they might be harmful. People tend to be afraid of harmful looking animals even if they are actually benign. It is all perception. Cockroaches are no worse than any other animal. They are the way they are.  

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    I think the reason people detest cockroaches may be related to the reason that people are afraid of mice or rats. Usually when you see these animals it signals to some primal impulse in you to stay away from them because they carry disease and are usually a sign of uncleanliness. Humans seem to be naturally repulsed by such creates for our own sense of safety and preservation. 

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