Why do people get darker the longer they stay in the sun?



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    When the sun’s ray hit your skin, the cells at the uppermost layer of your skin product melanin, which is the pigment responsible for turning your skin dark. When it is exposed to the sun’s rays, the pigment oxidizes and turns dark. Other skin cells absorb this pigment through time, darkening your overall skin tone. This change helps protect your skin from too much sunlight. Please read the article linked below for more detailed and probably precise explanation. 

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    Our skin contains cells called melanocytes, which produce and store a pigment called melatonin.  The presence of this pigment dictates the color and darkness of your skin.  

    When sunlight hits your skin, the ultraviolet light in sunlight stimulates the production of melatonin in your melanocytes.  Melatonin absorbs UV radiation and acts as a natural defense against UV radiation damage.  Melatonin is produced over the course of several hours, and just a short period of time in the sun is enough to stimulate melatonin production.  That’s why you get gradually tanner after a day at the beach.

    melanocytes are producing melanin pigment in reaction to ultravioletlight in sunlight. Ultraviolet light stimulates melanin production. 

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