Why do people choose to live in areas susceptible to natural disasters?



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    In the United States, many choose to live in areas susceptible to natural disasters because they often are the most glamourous and aesthetically pleasing areas of the country (Miami & hurricanes, California & earthquakes). Also, many in the United States choose to live in said areas because they can afford insurance to cover any damages as a result of natural disasters. Other people in the United States and MANY other parts of the world do not have the choice to live in areas NOT prone to natural disasters due to poverty. Poverty often means decreased mobility… people can’t afford to just pack up and move to another part of the country; and poverty also means not living on the best or safest land. Those people do not “choose” to live in such areas, they just happen to live there.

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         Many areas prone to natural disasters are also rich in resources. Living near the coast provides access to fishing and trade, even if there is also a risk of hurricanes and tidal waves. The soil near a volcano is rich in nutrients and excellent for growing crops.  

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    If you think about it, everywhere is susceptible to natural disasters.  The Pacific Coast has volcanoes and earthquakes, the Atlantic and Gulf have hurricanes, the biggest, baddest volcano on Earth is actually in Wyoming, and droughts and storms happen in the places that seem relatively safe.  People choose to live where they do for their own reasons: maybe they were born there, or like the pizza, or met a nice girl (or boy).  The only thing you can do is try to protect against natural disasters.  They build earthquake-resistent, wind-resistent houses, water infrastructures in case of drought, etc.  You would be hard pressed to find a place where you would be totally safe from Nature, but you can make an effort to lessen the damage nature can do.

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    Unfortunately, many people do not choose to live in natural disaster prone areas.  Indonesia, for example, is a country where many are poor and can’t afford to live anywhere else.  Their whole lives rely on one area, and they don’t have the resources to leave.  Still, like the other posts have pointed out, it’s hard to not live in an area that is prone to natural disasters.  

    For impoverished areas, it is extremely important to have the infrastructure in place for a proper warning system to help before the disaster, in its midst, and in the aftermath.  

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    Often because of the benefits.  Places that are susceptible to hurricanes also have desirable climates, and people love being near the beach.  The entire state of California lies along a fault line, but its climate is wonderful in some areas and the same can be said for its natural beauty.  Perhaps there is a relationship between natural wonders and natural disasters.

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    Sometimes it’s not about money or scary natural disasters, it’s about family and heritage. If someone grew up in a place where there parents and grandparents grew up, why would he or she want to leave? Some people living in Louisiana don’t want to move because it’s their home. Louisiana is where they grew up. Despite the hurricanes, they want to stay. Sometimes it’s about community.

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