Why do people ask questions that aren’t related to the environment on this site?

I just became a member, but a lot of the questions seem unrelated to the environment.



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    Well, some people do stray from environmental issues from time to time, but I would have to say that the majority of questions asked by GreenAnswers members do relate to the environment in one way or another.  A lot of people are just excited to have an outlet to voice their concerns or questions, and they sometimes get carried away.  

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    I have wondered that myself. I think people are intrigued by the idea that they can get a rapid response to their question and give it a shot to see if someone will bite despite the subject matter. Interns that work for the site answer the questions rather than flagging them because they have a quota to meet.

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    There are some people that do pose questions that aren’t exactly about the environment, but the majority of the questions do relate to the environment in some way.  We do have a lot of categories that can easily cause people to stray from the environmental guidelines, but there are always people who are willing to answer the questions, and a lot of times the answers are environmentally minded even if the questions are not.

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    1. To be facetious.
    2. Out of boredom.
    3. Unsure of whether the question is related to the environment but post anyway.
    4. Is confident the question is environment related when it is not.
    5. The more people answer these questions the more trees planted, so that may be their interior motive.
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    This question isn’t related to the environment yet I’m sure when posing it, someone expected a result. So in a way its a bit of a rhetorical question. I suppose you could simply ask yourself why you posed this question. I think the site is designed to spark dialogue with the environment in mind, but when people start talking all kinds of things can come up.

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    Unrelated questions aren’t too bad. There’s usually some tenuous connection to the environment by earth science, chemistry, physics, political science, sociology, green technology, alternatives…though obviously the ones that lack even that tenuous connection can be annoying.

    My biggest pet peeve is tied between people who just copy/paste their homework questions in, and people who make cryptic “questions” that contain three words, or are all-caps statements, or are such a misspelled mess I can’t even tell what they’re asking. All of those questions are unanswerable so they’re a waste of everyone’s time.

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