why do people and creatures and plants die



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    A body can only maintain its life processes, like breathing and pumping blood, for so long before its equipment begins to wear down. As a creature ages its immune system weakens as well, making it more susceptible to the trillions and trillions of disease-causing parasites and micro-organisms that dominate this planet.  

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    The question of the ages. I suppose we die because we are born, and grow. Rocks, water, and air aren’t born, they are just chemicals being rearranged. Since all living creatures reproduce, they must eventually die or there wouldn’t be enough space or resources. But the bodies of all creatures and plants go on to feed many other organisms in the future.

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    Plants, animals and people die because they wear out.  This “wearing out” may be because their immune system fails, because of a specific disease or even just old age – by which I mean the limit has been reached for the length of time that the cells can continue to support life.  Those same plants, animals and people decompose back into the earth, air and water and become a part of them.  Even seemingly stable things like rocks and mountains wear down or erode and change.  Large systems like the solar system and the universe will also wear down and die out.  Things are always changing, it just may be at a quicker or slower pace.

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