Why do people in America eat so much?



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    It’s hard to say, but it might have something to do with easy access to food– unhealthy food– and the ‘clean-your-plate’ mentality that generations of parents have ingrained into their children. 

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    I agree with the “clean your plate” mentality.  Also, some of the more unhealthy foods tend to be cheaper and they tase good, plus the fast food companies were in a war to super and biggie size things for a while.  In European countries, portion sizes tend to be smaller, so it is probably part condition, part economics and part that we need more education to really tell us what foods are bad for us.

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    According to an article by time magazine, the main reason for so many Americans being overweight and obese may be rooted deep within our genes. The human race adapted over millions of years to living in a world of scarcity, where it paid to eat every good tasting thing in sigh when you could find it. Our physiology has pretty much stayed the same, but we have changed our environment. We have removed much of our physical exercise in our day to day activity and supermarkets are filled with shelves of good tasting food packed with calories. The author claims that when people move to the U.S. from other countries, their weight begins to rise. So its a combination of our genes telling us to eat and the fact that technology has allowed Americans to be twice as lazy as they were before is contributing to the weight gain in Americans. 

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    So many restaurants and fast food places (like Chipotle) dish out such huge portions.  And food is readily available on every street corner, advertisements for french fries flash us in the face on a continual basis.

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    I believe that this is all due to the so-called “improvements” of media and marketing and also being a post-industrialized, “service” nation. Being a “service” nation we are not as active due to the fact that most of the US does not have labor jobs. Additionally, the capitalist system in America has allowed media and marketing to turn Americans into fast food eaters. Americans never see where there food is made, let alone where it even comes from. I still do not understand why this has happened more in America than Europe. I suspect due to the more capitalist nature of the United States. 

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