Why do our lungs turn oxygen into carbon dioxide?



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    The lungs are actually just a delivery system for the gasses. Virtually every cell in our body needs oxygen, which is delivered by the blood, and gives off carbon dioxide. They do this through a process called cellular respiration, the purpose of which is to break down the sugars from the foods we eat into energy. The basic chemical formula is C6H12O2 (glucose) + O2 (oxygen) –> 6CO2 (carbon dioxide) + 6H2O (water) + energy. As you can see, we must take in sugar and oxygen from the environment, and we give off carbon dioxide and water (this is why your breath forms visible water vapor in the winter). Incidentally, plants perform cellular respiration as well, to use the sugars that they make through photosynthesis.

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    When the cells of our body produce CO2 as waste, the CO2 builds up in the blood. When it gets to a certain level, you have the urge to inhale which will provide the body with oxygen and then expel excess CO2 with exhalation. This allows your body to absorb oxygen from the air through the lungs. The freshly oxygenated blood travels from the lungs to the heart to be circulated through the body.

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