Why do other countries have such smaller cars than there are in America?



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    In Europe, especially in the urbanized areas, roads are much smaller than those in America. More compact vehicles are needed in order to navigate the narrow roads and in order to make the most out of confined parking.  In my personal opinion, Europeans tend to be more environmentally and economically conscious.  They realize the cost of larger vehicles, both to the environment and their pocket.  

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    The size of roads and parking lots has practically nothing to do with it. Smaller cars are generally much more efficient consumers of gasoline, and since European gasoline prices are two to 4 times those in the US (and have been for decades), it is fuel efficiency that fuels small car popularity in Europe. See also the many previous answers linked below.

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    Also, there have been governmenet subsidies encouraging people to buy large cars. 

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    There are many reasons for large cars in America. The auto industry would like consumers and citizens to believe that they’ve demanded these larger cars, but I’m not entirely sure that is the case. Buggirl and rigibson both have wonderful answers. To combine them, Europeans live in more densly populated areas; therefore, they need smaller cars in order to navigate smaller streets. Also, gas prices are higher in European countries than in the U.S.; therefore, it helps out to have a smaller car which consumes less gas. It could also be that some Americans have this ideology that bigger is better. It could also be that some Americans truly need bigger cars in order to transport building materials for their generally large houses. These latter points are mostly speculation.

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