Why do oil companies influance govronments so much? and why does the govronment go with them to govron a country?



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    Oil companies have so much influence in the government at this point because they are an extremely important part of our society.  In our world today pretty much every family has a car that needs to be fueled by gas, and there are only so many producers of gas that we can use.  It is far cheaper for us to use American companies to get this oil, and we already rely a lot on foreign oil which is one of the reasons that we have so much debt.  The oil companies are an extremely lucrative part of our country, and pay a lot of money in taxes to the government while also providing an extremely important resource to the general population.  It is not good that we do rely on them so much and hopefully we will soon move away from the idea that they are the most important industry to the American people, but at this point the fact is that they pretty much are.

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    Another reason is that, with the HUGE amounts of money they make, oil companies can hire lots of lobbyists to promote their own agendas and support policies that benefit them. Big oil companies are consistently among the highest-spending industrial lobbyists.

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