Why do my lungs burn when I run?



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    When you run your lungs get more air than normal so your lens get more force. Also bad air ( pollution ) makes it harder to seperate good air and pollution.

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    You may be pushing yourself too hard.  Anaerobic (without oxygen) exercise refers to high intensity activities for short periods of time.  Through anaerobic exercise, lactic acid is produced in the body’s muscles which causes you to feel sore.  This may contribute to your lungs feeling like they’re “burning.”  One solution may be to slow your pace and instead push for a longer distance as opposed to a quicker time. 

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    When you run your breathing speeds up and your lungs are forced to work harder to  get oxygen through your body. Additionally, if you just took up running, it is common to experience some burning in your lungs, but this discomfort will typically stop within a few minutes after you begin resting and if it doesn’t you may have what’s called exercise-induced asthma or an underlying medical condition that requires immediate medical attention.

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