Why do my lungs burn when I run?



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    There a lot of reasons for that happening, and the most common explanation is that you’re probably exercising in cold weather, which can make your lungs feel like they’re burning. If this happens, you should try to slow down your breathing and take deep breaths to slow your lungs down.

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    You may also want to check in with your doctor. Some people who have been diagnosed with exercise induced asthma have described pressure and a burning feeling in their lungs. An inhaler and monitorin of your breathing should alleviate the symptoms.

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    Knowing how to breathe properly while running is very important, and a number of things could be the cause of a burning sensation. One reason may be that your lungs are not used to the exercise and your body is working very hard to maintain a steady supply of oxygen to your cells. Usually, slowing down will relieve the feeling and you can work up your speed as your body adjusts to the exercise. Cold weather can also cause burning of the lungs but again, it should only be temporary and your lungs should adjust to it. Try to keep your breathing as rhythmic as possible and breathe through your nose rather than your mouth. This method keeps the air moist and therefore less harsh on your lungs.

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    A bit of burning is going to happen when you’re running hard.  As you run, your body can’t bring enough oxygen to all your muscles.  They start to burn lactate, which produces lactic acid, which gives you some of that burning feeling and soreness after you work out.

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