Why do most veggie burgers taste so bad?



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    Veggies burgers don’t taste anything like actual burgers(just my opinion). The reason they taste similar is because of seasoning. Most people do not eat any type of meat without some sort of seasoning, so if the seasonings are the same, the taste is going to be similar.

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    As punkprincez said, veggie burgers don’t taste like beef burgers. At least, they shouldn’t try to taste like beef because that is when they start tasting awful.My favorite veggie burger is the Aggie Burger offered by the UC Davis Dining Services because they don’t try to taste like beef. They just taste great without trying to be something that they are not!

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    Whether or not you think veggie burgers taste bad depends on your personal test preferences. I agree that they don’t taste like actual meat, and if you’re expecting the meat flavor, you might not like them. Where the veggie burger comes from also makes a difference. The frozen, store-bought ones aren’t likely to be as delectable as a homemade one from a restaurant or your kitchen.

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    Personally, I’ve found that veggie burgers tasted awesome when I was a vegetarian and my taste buds got used to them. After 6 months of not eating any meat, tofu dogs tasted great when it was something I wouldn’t have dreamed of eating before I was vegetarian. My point is sometimes it just depends on your taste buds and what they’re used to. 

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    happyhodges! I love the veggie burgers served at the UC Davis Dining Commons too. I agree that they don’t try to make them taste like meat. The flavor is excellent, a little spicy and the patty is filled with a bunch of healthy, real ingredients. Even though the dining services are provided by Sodexho, a company with not a very good reputation, they have great, tasty vegetarian meals! 


    BTW, happyhodges, did you attend UC Davis? When did you study there?

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