Why do most people hate spiders?



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    Some scientists believe that it is an instinctual fear; that our hunter-gatherer ancestors were selected to fear them because they can be harmful to us. This explains why more women are afraid of spiders than men: women generally spent more time gathering food than hunting like the men and were therefore in more danger of coming across spiders in the bushes. Because of they encountered spiders more often, they were more hesitant to be near spiders.

    Other scientists say that the fear is learned from the actions of adults. In a study by Dr. Rakison, babies were placed near images of spiders (and snakes) and although they did focus on the spiders more than any other animal images, they were not afraid of them. Susan Mineka did a study on primates that showed they were not afraid of snakes until they say an adult reacting fearfully. This same concept is one many believe transfers to peoples’ fear of spiders.

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    I fear spider bites which can be poisonous! I don’t want any type of bug to bite me for that matter. Spiders just aren’t the most aesthetic creatures of this world which probably contributes to people’s fear. Spiders are normally associated with negative connotations such as creepy, dangerous, and poisonous. Those horror movies featuring deadly spiders doesn’t help their reputation much!

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