Why do most college degrees need a masters degree to find a good job?



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    mostly because that is what employers require.

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    This isn’t true. Many masters programs require that you have so many years of experience in the field before you even qualify for more education. I know this is the case for many MBA programs. Also as someone who has sorted through quite a few applications for a quality position, I find that good command of the English language and solid volunteer and internship references are of more value than simply another two years of education.

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    A Bachelor’s degree doesn’t involve the same sort of pre-professional spirit that a Master’s does, but that doesn’t mean Bachelor’s degrees aren’t enough to get jobs. For example, most businesspeople only go back for a MBA after several years working for firms. In high-expertise fields like engineering, a master’s degree is a necessity because of the sheer amount of knowledge necessary, but that  doesn’t mean that a college degree is only a warm-up for a master’s.

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    It’s not entirely true. A master’s degree does increase your marketability and you gain advanced knowledge of the subject, but you can get decent jobs with a bachelor’s degree too. It also depends upon your area of specialization and your potential employer whether a master’s degree is required or not. If you see CollegeAmerica reviews, you’ll see they have several career-focused bachelor’s degree programs in healthcare, business, and IT which prepare students for the current job market. 

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