Why do manta rays of Hanifaru Bay cyclone feed?



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    There are actually many variations of animals that do this, for various reasons. However, in the case of Manta rays I would imagine it like this: when you have a glass of water and stir it with a spoon, you create a whirlpool current, where everything is drawn into the middle. the plankton they go after are then pushed together, and are easier to go after, as they are located densely in one place rather than being spread out. It’s rather like herding plankton.

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    Cyclone feeding is when the manta rays “gather together in a long line, with the tail of each manta ray touching the head of the manta behind him.” Then, the manta ray at the end of the line catches the tail of the last manta ray in the chain, and all the animals swirl into a vortex. This helps them catch the plankton faster since the waters swirl with the force of their ‘cyclone’ and it’s easier and more efficient to feed this way. 

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    Hanifaru Bay rays exhibit this behavior because krill and plankton get trapped in the Bay between May and November.

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    Because theyre hungry

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