Why do a lot of people that live in the bay area claim to be green?



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    I plan on moving to the Bay Area in a couple months and from everything I’ve gleaned about the population of the Bay Area, they are correct in claiming that they are green. San Francisco has the highest percentage of recycled waste out of any metropolitan area in the country. There is also the largest organic farming industry in California and a lot of the Bay Area has farmers’ markets that support local agriculture. There are many cutting-edge businesses in the Bay Area that are becoming leaders in green energy. The Bay Area is very progressive when it comes to the environment, earning the status of being a very ‘green’ area.

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    I have been trying to move to the Bay Area for awhile now, with one main reason being that the local population seem to actually care about the environment. Along with progressing business in a new way, the Bay Area depends heavily on environmental issues. Hopefully the Bay Area becomes a precedence to other cities to model.

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