Why do a lot of fish live in the tide zone?



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    The tide zone does not necessarily have more diverse fish life than other biomes (like a coral reef or a kelp forest), but there is a reason why fish life in the tidal zone is so unique.  The tidal zone is typically an environment of two extremes, the cool wet sea and the hot dry land.  That’s not even mentioning the power of the waves and tides.  Fish that live in tidal zones must adapt to being able to handle the extremes.

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    Most of the organisms that live in the tide zone are small and very simple organisms. This is because, as Mr. Raccoon points out, the organisms must adapt to living with some extremes in their environment. There are four factors that create extremes. First is the intermittent supply of water. Second is the wave action that can dislodge poorly suited organisms. Third is the high exposure to the temperature of the sun or to the near freezing water in cold climates. Finally, the salinity is much higher in tied zones. So, life here is not as much diverse as it is simple and adapted to live in this extreme environment.

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