Why do a lot of companies Green Wash their products?



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    Many companies will try to “Green Wash” their products for marketing purposes.  Eco friendly products are in high demand in recent years, as many people are becoming more and more environmentally conscience.  Some companies may not be able to meet these demands while at the same time keeping the quality of the product they promise.  So in turn, they will try to sugar coat, cover up, or straight out lie about their product to make it seem as though it is more eco friendly.

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    Many companies mean well, but just don’t have a knowledgeable enough staff to use the correct language needed in order to avoid greenwashing. Now that the FTC made green guidelines for products, hopefully this will help avoid misleading labeling in the future. Some companies also just want to try and spin an environmental benefit, so they will exaggerate or lie about how environmentally friendly their products are. Many companies will claim that product do not have any of a toxic ingredient that the product never contained to look better, or some companies will claim “natural” ingredients when many aren’t. One problem is there is no real punishment for companies that are lying or using misleading marketing. I recommend always looking for the seal of a 3rd party certification on products to tell if they are legitimate. 

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