Why do LED’s last so darn long?



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    Because LED light bulbs run cool, they don’t run the risk of burning out like halogen and incandescent light bulbs. Instead, the light they produce fades away, allowing them longer lasting life. According to manufacturers, an LED bulb will last from 25,000 to 50,000 hours before its light begins to fade.

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    In addition to lasting thousands of hours longer than incandescents, LED lights use a totally different methods. LED bulbs are made up of a series of smaller ‘bulbs,’ or diodes, that are actually miniature semiconductors that emit a bright light when electrons interact with the positively-charged matter of the semiconductor. No gases or filaments are used, and so the bulb as a whole can last much longer, as the wear and tear process is considerably slower. As stated above, this causes the bulb to use much less energy, and doesn’t become heated up as much as previous bulbs, and doesn’t endure heat corrosion either.  

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