Why do the leaves from trees fall during winter?



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    because  they go to sleep like bears when they are asleep they don’t prduce.

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    If the leaves on deciduous trees did not fall, the water in the leaves would freeze causing the cells in the leaf to eat themselves from the inside using the lysosomes.


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    I agree with esha, but there is more to it.

    Let me first explain why and how leaves fall off in the first place (learned from Peter Raven, president of Missouri Botanical Garden). Changes in the temperature and length of day trigger hormonal changes in the tree, caused it to produce “abscission” cells where the stem of the leaf touches the branch. These cells build up over days or even weeks and eventually the leaf is only dangling on the tree (the abscission cells work like scissors.. same root). A little wind then takes off the already rejected leaf. 

    Why does the tree do this? During the winter, the food production slows and the tree no longer requires leaves to make energy. If the leaves remain, any break in winter when it is warm, they will start photosynthesizing and they will retain water. Winter comes back and they freeze and die (water expands upon freezing) but remain on the tree and come spring time, they will be of no help (dead) but no other leaves would grow because the space is occupied. The tree would die.

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