Why do Indian farmers commit suicide so often?



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    According to the attached article, India was a testing ground for genetically modified crops.  Many Indian farmers were told if they planted their harvests with genetically modified seeds it would yield them more crop and more profit.  The GM seeds were more costly leaving many farmers in debt to acquire them and when the seeds didn’t yield the type of return promised, they were largely in debt with no way out, so they choose suicide.  It is estimated 125,000 farmers took their lives as a result of this test.

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    Farmers in India face a very difficult task to grow crops and profit from them. The price for farming equipment is so much that many loans must be taken out in order to being farming. Even if the farmer is good at what he is doing and can yield many crops in an effective way, much of farming depends on conditions out of their control. For example, if the monsoon season does not supply adequate rain they may not be able to produce enough crops to pay back thier loans. Often times these loans are taken from private loaners who are completly unforgiving when a yead does not yield enough crops. So the farmer falls behind and cannot catch up. This, coupled with the feeling of a loss of dignity for failing, often results in them feeling they have no escape besides death. 

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