why do I sneeze in the sun?



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    This question actually dates back to Aristotle, where he too questioned in his Book of Problems, “Why does the heat of the sun provoke sneezing?”  Today, many neurologists agree that it might be a reaction of mixed wires, nerves relaying the wrong information to your brain.

    A sneeze typically starts with your trigeminal nerve detecting an irritation in your nose, sending that information to your brain, and voila, A-CHOO!  Interestingly, the way that we are wired, the optic nerve lies very close to the trigeminal, and reacts similarly to a sudden exposure of light.  Experts believe that as your eyes send the message to your brain to constrict your pupils, a small portion of that electric signal is detected by your trigeminal nerve, sending your brain the message that it’s time to sneeze.


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