Why do I see graffiti on rocks so far away from civilizations?



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    Graffiti is a popular art which continues to grow through time. Tagging a rock outside of the city limits is a way for an artist to know that his works will not be tampered with, along with not being viewed by many people. (which might be a goal of the artist)

    I was just in Kentucky a few months ago, miles away from the nearest town, and in a cove the rock walls were covered with graffiti. This coves’ dimesions are about 30ft in height and 1000ft in length. This area was painted with various names and logos, representing families that have passed through.

    Search images for “Party Cove, Kentucky Lake”

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    It is easier to get away with graffiti when it is far away from civilization.  Also, some people may just be looking for a way to practice and express themselves, but are not really wanting to vandalize anyone elses property.

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