Why do humans shoot owls?



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    Owls are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and so deliberately shooting them is punishable through jail time or fines up to ten thousand dollars. 

    However, in states such as Minnesota, where populations of migratory owls are high, many people find the owls a nuisance. Recently, four people were fined by the Minnesotan DNR for deliberately shooting owls; all four were hunters who claimed to be taking the local game bird population crisis into their own hands. Their claims were that local owls had been assaulting and killing local chickens, pheasants, and especially grouse, whose low populations they attributed to owl hunting.

    Of course, owls are primarily mousers, and while they have been known to attack chickens or pheasants that they feel are infringing on their hunting territory, they do not HUNT game birds, and definitely would not interfere with birds as large as a grouse, especially not on the scale that the four hunters inferred. (In actuality, the grouse were suffering a low population cycle due to environmental concerns such as decreased rainfall.) 

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    Why do people shoot anything? A lot of hunting done these days is purely for sport, there is not a whole lot of reason behind it. 

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    I figured for sport or pleasure. People hang animals on their walls and/or take pictures of their game. I didn’t think people would take interest in shooting owls of all animals but to each its own.

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    Why would a human shoot anything?  It’s a sick activity that reflects very poorly on humans.

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    I have no idea.

    Except, perhaps, that owls were animals that it was once believed were harbingers of coming death.

    Look up the movie/book “I Heard the Owl Call My Name”. A wonderful movie with a young Tom Courtney.

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