Why do humans seem to disrespect so many types of animals?



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    People feel like that we have a right to do whatever we want, because we are more advanced intellectually. I personally feel like we should respect all living species. We are all chosen… we should be intelligent enough to know that all life is precious — and that what goes around comes around.

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    I think in part it is due to history.  It is hard for some people to change, and those that grow up in families and cultures that eat meat and hunt or use the environment do so because that is all they know.  While decades ago it may have been difficult or even unhealthy to pursue a vegetarian diet, it is incredibly easy, cheap, and healthy to do so today. Another reason is due to education, in that people simply dont know the power and influence of other species.  It takes time to change culture and tradition, but I think we can already see it happening.

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    I would like to point out that hunters and anglers in general are much like vegans in general (or any other group of people for that matter). There are good people and their are bad people. Being a hunter or vegan does not make you inherently bad it only means you prefer to do something. I do not agree with all of the tenants of veganism but I do respect your beliefs. It is my sincere hope that the same respect is returned. In many ways hunters and anglers are misunderstood by vegans and others. I hunt, I fish, I enjoy it and it is much more about the journey and experience than the “money shot” often portrayed as the ultimate goal. When a deer, a duck, a pheasant, a turkey, a catfish, a bass, etc is not fooled by my attempts to outwit its amazing senses I can have nothing but respect for them. When I kill them, I offer nothing but gratitude and humility. I am not every hunter but many are just like me. Always remember that if it were not for hunters and anglers many more species would be extinct. We can thank hunters and anglers for calling for the creation of licenses so that the funding would be available for science, management, regulation, and conservation.  I am a hunter, I am an angler, I am a conservationist, I am a scientist, and I respect your right to be none of them.

    To answer the original question, so many people disrespect animals for the same reason people cheat on their wives or pretend to care about the environment but don’t believe in science (not sayng you imparticular for I don’t know you)…they do it because they simply weren’t raised right!

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