why do humans pollution the earth



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    There are many man-made factors that contribute to pollution. One big contribution to pollution is the physical waste that we produce; a lot of it ends up in the ocean, contributing to loss of marine life (e.g. dead zones) and garbage patches like the one located in the North Pacific Gyre.

    Another huge source of pollution that we create comes from cars and other sources that are powered by the combustion of fossil fuels, such as power plants, buildings, and industrial facilities–anything, really, that uses electricity, including homes. This contributes to CO2 emissions, which are a major cause of the greenhouse effect and, inevitably, climate change. Deforestation also contributes to this problem.

    As to why we pollute the Earth, a number of reasons can be given. We rely on the combustion of fossil fuels to create most of our power most likely because it is how we have been creating power since the beginning of the industrial age. There are many alternatives to the use of non-renewable resources, but change is hard to come by on a larger scale because humans have a tendency to stick with what they know. There are also various economic and political limitations that constrain us from fully moving on from the use of fossil fuels. Waste and pollution are unfortunately a natural byproduct of the current system.

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    In my opinion, it is because they are unaware or they do not care. Most people do not mean harm, once again my opinion. They are too distracted to slow down and look at what their actions cause.

    People generally do what everyone else does, a disturbing habit, and they never question what they do. Your parents did this while you were young, everyone else does it and supports it, so why would you do any different? People assume that everything that is common place or available is somehow certified to be good. The only thing that matters is whether it tastes or performs well. Anything that happened before or afterwards seems irrelevant. This is because after you throw soemthing out, someone comes and takes it away. All the garbage that people create somehow disappears in their mind because it is no longer around them. They do not see the immediate bad effects, so they do not consider what they are doing wrong. 

    The second point is how some people do not care. Some people dont feel guilt. Many have grown up to be selfish. This is a fault of society, because media and society both tell us to pamper ourserves. While this may be good for self esteem, I feel it is more important to promote community. If people cared about each other and things around them, they would be more inclined to learn about threats to our environment.

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