Why do the higher latitudes get colder weather?



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    According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (2011), Higher latitudes have colder weather because the area contains more frozen ground. Less of the sun’s energy reaches the ground at higher latitudes. The Equator is the area that is closest to the sun at all times of the year. Solar energy has to pass through less atmosphere than at higher latitudes. As a result, the Earth’s poles are colder than the Equator and the higher latitudes have more ground below 0 degrees farenheit (The National Snow and Ice Data Center, 2011).

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    There is a strong relationship between temperature and pressure. For instance, when air is pressurized, the temperaute rises. On the contrary, when pressure is released, the temperature drops. The same can be said in regards to the latitude of an area. There is a presence of low pressure in high altutide areas, causing the temperature to remain at a colder level. It is also colder in areas of a higher latitude due to the proximity of the Equator. As it closest to the sun, more energy is able to pass through, as opposed to areas with higher altitudes.

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