Why do grills use propane and not other fuels?



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    Liquefied petroleum (LP) gas, of which propane is the largest ingredient, has become the fuel of choice for barbecue grills and similar uses for a number of reasons, the most important being its low boiling point. LP gas vaporizes at well below room temperature, which means that no vaporizing device or carburetor is needed to convert it to gaseous state where it can be burned easily. This is also why it comes in those pressurized steel tanks–without them, the gas would evaporate instantly. Because the tanks are easy to produce and fill, it’s economical to design various uses around it, not only small end-consumer uses such as barbecue grills and camping stoves, but larger uses too. For example, the “Zamboni” machine you see resurfacing the ice at the hockey rink runs on the same propane tanks as your barbecue grill.

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