why do plants get softer as you cook them?



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    Plants get softer as you cook them because of the water content. Generally, plants are cooked in boiling water or in some form of liquid. The plant tissue is porous by nature and water seeps in thus softening the structure of the cells.

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    Plants are made of a form of fiber called cellulose. As heat is applied to a plant, this cellulose begins to break down. Another reason plants become softer is because they contain a large content of water in their cell structure. Heat causes much of this water to evaporate as steam, and the plant then becomes wilted and soft.

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    Probably because boiling water breaks down proteins and cellular structures in the plant. Also, plants stay firm because their cells are filled with water, much like properly filled air mattress is firm because it is filled with air. If a plant is being cooked in a solution that is hypertonic (contains more solutes like oil and spices) to it, water will be drawn out of the plant and it will become limp. To continue with the mattress analogy, this would be like a firm mattress becoming limp once it is no longer filled with enough air.

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