Why do gardens from a home garden taste so much better than from the store?



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    Fresh is tastier for a few reasons. When you pick fresh from the garden, the fruit or vegetables tend to be at their prime ripeness. Fruit and veggies from the store are often shipped from other parts of the world, so to avoid rotting they are often picked before their prime and by the time they reach your fridge, they have begun to deteriorate. A good example is tomatoes, which when you find them in the grocery store are often picked before they are red and lack flavor and sweetness. Homegrown produce hasn’t begun to deteriorate but has maximum vitamins due to its ripeness and freshness. It also doesn’t need quite so many pesticides, since the small scale creates a natural balance. So homegrown stuff is more pure, fresh, and simply healthier. 

    Before grocery stores, I’ll bet parents didn’t have nearly so much trouble getting their kids to eat their veggies. From the backyard, they are so delicious!

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    Your home grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc taste better because they are fresher. Much of the produce you find in the grocery store is imported, and therefore has plenty of time to begin breaking down, losing nutrients and flavor. This is not to say the grocery store produce is all bad, but as you know, it is not nearly as flavorful as items that take less time to get from soil to table.

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    Big farms must grow crops that yeild a big, fast, transportable vegetables. At home, you probably use a different strain of tomato that grows slower but is probably more flavorful.

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