Why do the French want a carbon tax so bad?



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    The French want a carbon tax because the European Union’s cap and trade system only covers 40% of the emissions produced by the country, excluding things like emissions from gasoline and diesel consumption. This carbon tax would cover many of the so-far excluded industries. A tax is also favored by many businesses because it makes it easier to predict the future costs of emissions, whereas the cost to emit carbon varies under a cap and trade system. The revenues from the tax would be returned to the economy through breaks in other sorts of taxes, such as business, income, and social taxes.

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    It should also be noted that, aside from the obvious environmental and economic goals, France loses less from such a tax than most other nations. Most of its energy production comes from nuclear power, and it has a pretty substantial surplus of cleaner (I’m using this term very loosely, I hope you don’t mind) energy than its neighbors which it frequently exports. There’s definitely an additional incentive here as well.

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