Why do fast food companies target such young age groups like toddlers, isn’t that unethical?



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    No, that’s business. If they can hook a generation at a young age, that guarantees them a buying group a few years down the road. If you look at it from a human standpoint, then yes, it could be a bit on the unethical side, but honestly, we live in a consumerist society, where you either have people buying from you, or you get bought out.

    From a business standpoint, the chain simply needs to make ends meet. Pretty much all companies do this, not just fast food. Popular clothing designers are coming out  with side labels for younger people, McDonald’s offers toys to little kids to entice them in, video game companies make games to help you child learn better; it’s the same basic idea.

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    Small children are particularly good at aggrivating their parents until they give in.  If you target the children with advertising about prizes in cereals and toys in happy meals during the Saturday morning cartoons they watch while their parents sleep in, it is a pretty effective way to expand your market from just the wage earners.  As rhathymia says, its business.  Of course the milk campaign is doing the same thing, getting cool athletes to sport milk moustaches, but nobody will complain about that, it is up to the parent to decide what they want their children to eat.

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