Why do farmers, manufacturers, etc. gouge consumers for selling ‘green and organic’ products?

They don’t cost 2 and 3 times the amount for producing ordinary products!
I am an ardent environmentalist but it is difficult for consumers on fixed income, to buy them.



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    It is true that green and organic products are more expensive, but only part of it has to do with the manufacturers exploiting the high demand at this point.  Organic products do cost more to produce because they have to hire extra labor to weed crops by hand rather than using pesticides.  Crop yields are also 10-20% less on average, and some plants are as much as 40% less due to disease and harm that would otherwise be prevented by pesticides.  The other portion of the added price is spurred by the demand for the product because even though it is difficult for some consumers to buy them, many others are still willing to pay that extra price.  When the organic foods first came out, the prices probably actually were pretty accurate because the method wasn’t perfected and the production costs were very high.  Now, even though productions cost have decreased and the supply has increased, people are still willing to pay the high prices.  A lot of the increased price is justified, but you are right that there is a little bit of gouging by the farmers and manufacturers.

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