Why do dogs seem to go away from their owners when they die?



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    When dogs wander off to be alone to die they are simply following their animal instincts.  Most creatures wander away from their pack, owners, etc. to die for a few reasons.  The first is that the creature might just be sick and by being secluded it gives the creature time to heal away from predators that might prey on them for being sick.  When an animal is actually dying it leaves the herd for a few reasons.  If it is dying from an infectious disease, the creature doesn’t want to infect the rest of the pack/herd with the disease.  Being injured or sick also is a threat to the other animals that this creature lives with. An injured member of the pack slows down the pack and makes them more susceptible to predators.  Essentially, secluding one’s self during death and illness is for the greater good of the pack/herd/family, etc.  This doesn’t necessarily apply to domesticated animals but their animal instincts make them do this.

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