Why do dogs eat grass?

I’ve heard dogs eat grass to make themselves vomit. Is this true? Do dogs eat grass for any other reasons?



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    According to Pet Library, an online pet care care information provider based in the United Kingdom, dogs eat grass simply because they can! One will notice that a dog typically vomits soon after ingesting grass; so why do it at all, much less repeatedly? While the website offers no concrete answer, it offers two primary possibilities: the first suggests that because dogs evolved as omnivorous scavengers for much of their history, they are keen on experiencing different tastes frequently, regardless of the consequences. The second possibility is that dogs eat grass to throw up on purpose in an attempt to purge their body of some internal ailment. There is, however, no conclusive evidence to deduce whether dogs eat grass to avoid these internal ailments or if they are caused by the eating of grass. In other words, theories abound but no one is really sure why dogs eat grass!

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    I have heard of both these reasons and it is my personal opinion that dogs eat grass to vomit and purge their system. I have come to this conclusion after seeing my cat (a very intelligent cat) also eat grass. I think this is an animal instinct to help them stay healthy. 

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    I’ve read many books on dogs and they eat grass for one main reason. They do it to stop their stomach from hurting. It acts as a medicine for certain animals!

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